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HandlerUI Embedder - HUI 208 Lite

version ligera del HUI 208, extraida del mobilepump handler que dzebb publico. Para llamar al menu handler usen la tecla de llamada.


Creditos: Dzebb & Yk_Handler

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Hello brother, First of I'm very much appreciate your great work for bringing HandlerUI embedder with many versions. Can i make a request...???? Actually i want you to make this version HUI208 Lite with that Handler embedder 3.0 type, because its more stable for me. But the problem is 'Handler Menu' could not be call from the app by pressing Call button. But I know you could fix that problem.... Thanks in advance.

Just extract the HUI clases of this embedder and use it on your embedder.

No..actualy I want you to fix a small problem ie. Handler Menu not showing with that v3.0. I dont know how to do or what to edit.. You are more knowledge than me, that's why i made a request to you.. I hope you would undrstand me.. Thanx bro..

The problem is not in the embedder, if you can't call the HUI menu its because the canvas class is not working for your phone.
Check the UC 9.2 HUI 210 of this blog, if the handler menu work with the dial key in that app, then this script (HUI208lite) will work with your embedder too because they have the same class.
No matter what embedder uses, the important its the script.

Bro..your UC 9.2 Hui210 is working without problem. Handler Menu could also be open through Dial Key.. But in embedder 3.0 why the Menu couldnt open through the same Key.. I cant understand. Yeah..with embedder 1.1 its working nice bt the problem is I cant re-embedd the modify handler app with the other embedder like screenshooter, turbo etc.. When i did the app shows application error. If you know, why its happening then please tell me bro... Thanx for replying...

The embedder 3.0 does not work for me, but its essentially the same processes in the embedder 1.1 and 3.0 so there is no difference in betwen an app moded with 1.1 and 3.0, the difference is only the HUI you use.
Embed two or more functions not always work, in my nokia c3 the HUI and the screnshot 3.0 actually work together but it depends on the phone and if the methods are compatible.
I can't help you buddy, sorry.

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